SATURDAY EVENING 22 SEPTEMBER SATURDAY / SUNDAY 22-23 SEPTEMBER SUNDAY EVENING 23 SEPTEMBER A reception at the Salle de Sport, Hulluch, hosted by Mayor André Kuchcinski, to thank the Durand  Group, together with all the volunteers who had helped throughout the weekend. “Absolutely fascinating trip down the tunnels Excellent information offered at the 'KEEPs'. I intend to follow up this visit with more research on the Durand Group. Please keep me informed of other events - and your book! .” (EN) “Overall a fantastic weekend and thank You to all involved Especially the Durand Group.” (EN) “Mac's Shaft was excellent as were the 'mini guides' at Stansfield and Hohenzolleren. Shame about the weather but altogether a fabulous experience..” (EN) “Thank you to everyone for your organisation and enthusiasm!  Well done to all those who have helped in the clearing of the tunnels over the past few years. Our tour there was Excellent.” (EN) “Thank you for giving me the chance to participate in this  event.  My thanks to the Durand Group for your engagement in the history and I salute your courage.”  (FR) “Thank you for your beautiful organisation and the kindness of the people who explained on the 'KEEPs'.”  (FR) “Congratulations to you. Pity about the 'English weather'. The English interpreted well the history.” (FR) “The amount of effort you put into it was very evident and I hope everyone who walked appreciated it as much as I did.” (EN) “Best day in 35 years of walking the battlefields.” (EN) Guest of Honour: Robin Sanderson, grandson of Major Alexander Sanderson, DSO, MC And Bar, OC (Officer Commanding) 3rd Australian Tunnelling Company, 1916-18 SATURDAY / SUNDAY 22-23 SEPTEMBER Walkers could chose two alternative routes: Grenay - Hulluch and Hulluch - Givenchy -lès -La -Bassée, with a number of informational tents (KEEPS) available on route. Runners had the choice of a 13km or 26km run, both finishing at Givenchy-lès-La-Bassée. “On day two (which We walked alone) we Found that the route was very clearly marked. The tunnels were amazing – what an experience! Thank you.” (EN) “Thanks to all involved for a well planned and informative weekend. I would certainly join any further events organised by the Durand Group” (EN) “Congratulations to the Durand Group… can’t give praise enough for the expert knowledge and friendliness, great Bunch.” (EN) “An excellent way to tour the battlefield.. The themed ‘KEEPs’ were such a good idea.. Well done!” (EN) FRIDAY 21 SEPTEMBER


300 people participated in an event that walked in the footsteps of the ‘Tommies’ and ‘Poilus’.

They discovered the British Army’s forgotten 1914-18 Great War battleground.

Over 200 people learnt about one of the most extensive and important tunnel systems anywhere under the Western Front.

They did so through the generosity of The Durand Group and The Durand Charitable Trust.