The Newfoundland Regiment Memorial - Beaumont Hamel An aerial shot of “Y” Ravine Watch more Durand Group Videoas The Newfoundland regiment Memorial - Beaumont Hamel

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"First Avenue, Beaumont Hamel - A Multimedia Report" DVD (Durand Group / Fougassefilms 2005) An aerial shot of "Y" Ravine A view inside the tunnel A view inside the tunnel Watch more Durand Group Videoas Watch part of the video  above on: Click above or here to watch video on First Avenue Operation - Beaumont Hamel

In January 2002 a hole appeared in a field near the Newfoundland Regiment Memorial Park at Beaumont Hamel. The site commemorates that regiment together with others from the 29th Division.who are buried on the gentle slopes on the way down to the river Ancre.

The opening seemed to lead to a shallow tunnel known as FIRST AVENUE (named from the trench from which it ran). If the coordinates were accurate the hole would reveal not any a series of mortar Emplacements dug to support the July 1st 1916 attack but also a longer tunnel leading out under “No Mans Land” intended to link directly into the German Front Line at “Y” Ravine. This was one of the most strongly fortified strong points on the Somme battlefront.

In May 2002 after a reconnaissance and much historical research The Durand Group began its investigative operation.

This DVD-R is a record of events and is accompanied by a video profile outlining the work of the Durand Group.

Duration: 45 minutes DVD available in European (PAL) format only.