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Recovered munitions The Group liaise with  local Gendarmes A fighting tunnel "Fighting the Germans Underground, (P73G3/ST19-21 Vimy Ridge) - A Multimedia Report" DVD (Durand Group / Fougassefilms 2009) The Group liase with local Gendarmes. A fighting tunnel. Recovered munitions Fighting the Germans Underground - Vimy Ridge Watch more Durand Group Videoas Watch parts of this DVD video on:

2003/4: In an attempt to access the enemy system the Group begin operations to break into the ST20 and ST21 entrances above and within one of the largest craters on Vimy Ridge: Washing Machine Crater.  They then turned their attention to ST19.

2008: The Group say their farewells to the Vimy memorial site, bringing a ten year investigation into German tunnels there to a close. In that time they have uncovered an underground treasure trove of military mining artefacts and successfully conducted a unique experiment in an attempt to uncover Richard Brisco's legacy.

Maps, photographs, plans and reports augment this feature length DVD and are contained in a ROM folder accessible through your PC browser.

1998: A team of explosives experts from The Durand Group begin an operation to neutralise a 600lb (272kg) Camouflet charge. It is located in a deep fighting tunnel in the LA FOLIE (P) mining sector within the Canadian memorial site on Vimy Ridge. P73G3 was only metres away from a German fighting tunnel driven forward from their second line trenches from an incline known as ST19. It was one of three entrances to a self-contained enemy mining system opposite and below the British front line positions. The mine had been laid by - Captain Richard Brisco MC R.E.- a daring-do soldier with an eventful past. His exploits fighting the Germans underground are well documented and his short time at Vimy provides the canvas for this fascinating documentary film.

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