The Durand Group
Are a fraternal association of individuals who
have voluntarily undertaken to work together
to further research and  investigation of
military-related subterranean features including:
military mining systems; tunnels; subways; dugouts
and bunkers; and other underground structures.
Maison Blanche Souterraine
As far as the coast and south down to the regions of the
Champagne, Loire and Seine, numerous underground
workings, some of considerable depth, exist. These were
either underground quarries or places of refuge for the
inhabitants during earlier troubled times. They were again
Used for shelter during the First World War.
Tunneling History
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Project - Copse Tunnel, Loos

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Location: Loos en Gohelle, Pas de Calais, France.
Excavation and investigation of a British multi-level tunnel system  
containing listening and fighting galleries, a brigade battle
headquarters and several internal and external Shafts.